Changanassery Bar Association Launches “ADVOCATES’ WELLNESS HUB” Promoting Health and Fitness

Changanassery, [10.05.2023]: In recognition of the growing importance of health and well-being in combating lifestyle diseases, the Changanassery Bar Association took a commendable step by inaugurating the “ADVOCATES’ WELLNESS HUB.” The initiative, conceived from the visionary idea of CK Joseph, aims to promote exercise, sports, yoga, and overall wellness among legal professionals.

The inauguration ceremony, held today, featured a rejuvenating yoga training session, underlining the association’s commitment to prioritizing the health of its members. The event was attended by several dignitaries, including the Honorable President of the Bar Association, Adv. Subash R Koikal, Chairman of the “Wellness Hub,” General Convener Adv. R. Sivakumar, Secretary MS Pradeep, and Coordinators MM Ansari, Shanimol PS, Martin Skaria, Akhil Uttaman, and Bobby P Thomas.

The driving force behind this initiative, CK Joseph, along with Sachin B Nair, played a pivotal role in implementing the “ADVOCATES’ WELLNESS HUB,” ensuring its successful launch. The association expressed its gratitude to them for their dedication and efforts in bringing this wellness initiative to fruition.

Special thanks were extended to Veteran Runner Dixon Scaria and Yoga Master Trainer VK Shabu, who conducted the necessary training routines for the members during the inaugural session. Their guidance and energy contributed to the success of this health-focused endeavor.

The Bar Association also acknowledged the presence and participation of beloved PJ Vinod, who shared proud moments with the association during various events.

The “ADVOCATES’ WELLNESS HUB” represents a significant step toward creating a healthier and more active community within the legal profession. As the initiative takes root, it is expected to foster a culture of well-being and camaraderie among the members of the Changanassery Bar Association.